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Net:FTP $ftp->put problem!

© June 2006 anonymous

Author: anonymous
Date: Fri Jun 30 09:43:27 2006
Subject: Net:FTP $ftp->put problem!

I am using $ftp->put to upload file to ftp server but it is not working...

Here's the script

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;
use Net::FTP;

my $ftp = Net::FTP->new("ftp.mydomain.com") or die "INFO: Cann't connect: $@\n";
$ftp->login("login","xyzx") or die "INFO: Couldn't login\n";
$ftp->cwd("/dir/myarea") or die "INFO: Couldn't change directory to \"/dir/myarea"\n";

$ftp->put("hehe.txt") or die "WHAAAAAAAAT THE HELL";

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-> Net:FTP $ftp->put problem!


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Fri Jun 30 11:25:20 2006: 2196   TonyLawrence

Well, as shown it would fail at

$ftp->cwd("/dir/myarea") or die "INFO: Couldn't change directory to \"/dir/myarea"\n";

because you didn't quote the " after myarea.

But other than that it looks fine.

But you didn't bother to say HOW it fails? Can you "put" a file manually if you just ftp from the command line?

Sun Jul 2 14:54:41 2006: 2206   rakesh

It failed on put command.... Yes I can put manually upload the file.

Sun Jul 2 20:18:14 2006: 2207   TonyLawrence

Do you have to do anything unusual? What do you use for a client? Can you do $ftp->dir or $ftp->get etc? Does it require PASV mode?

Mon Jul 3 07:21:51 2006: 2208   rakesh

I can do $ftp->cwd; I can change directory. Previously the same script is used to work. I wouldn't blame that anything is wrong in the script. Then our company moves to new office and some settings might have changes. And the script is not working after that.

Some issues with the settings. I got one link in the net.. but couldn't get the meaning though.


Mon Jul 3 10:38:42 2006: 2209   TonyLawrence

Sounds like that guy was confusing himself with a cgi script. He was trying to upload from his home pc to his webserver -

Replace "WHAT THE HELL" with $ftp->message

What does that say?

Tue Jul 4 10:42:17 2006: 2210   rakesh

No, I am not loading anything from my home pc.
we have redhat7.2 machine from where files are uploaded. our workstation has fedora4 installed in it.
The script works with fedora4 machine. But when I ssh to to redhat7.2 machine and run the same script it fails on $ftp->put command.

I changed the "what The hell" message to $ftp->message.
It dumps following message on the screen..........

"Illegal PORT command"

But again the same script works fine with fedora4 machine and the file is uploaded also.
Anyway I am using ncftpput command instead of $ftp->put command.... But I would appreciate if the same script works on redhat7.2 machine as well.

Thanks lawrence for your effort.....

Tue Jul 4 10:52:43 2006: 2211   TonyLawrence

Well, that's simply saying that it can't talk to you. Most likely you have firewall settings stopping it. Check that machines's rules against the Fedora machine.

If you Google "perl ftp illegal port" you'll find a lot of matches..


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