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SCO openserver 5.0.5 issues with gcc compiling

© February 2006 anonymous

Author: anonymous
Date: Tue Feb 21 20:15:00 2006
Subject: SCO openserver 5.0.5 issues with gcc compiling

I've searched the forum and articles and have yet to fine a similar post/article to my current dilema. I seem to have an incomplete install of gcc. I have installed the most recent gcc via the skunkware VOLs. My intention is to get rsync compiled. I was able to grab some binaries for rsync, but I am missing libsocket.so.2 , which I have not been able to get installed. I updated automake and the other utilities.

Here's my current message-

# ./configure 
configure: Configuring rsync 2.6.6 
checking build system type... i686-pc-sco3.2v5.0.5 
checking host system type... i686-pc-sco3.2v5.0.5 
checking target system type... i686-pc-sco3.2v5.0.5 
checking for gcc... gcc 
checking for C compiler default output file name... configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables 
See `config.log' for more details. 

In the config.log I have seen that it can't execute `as`. I have installed the binutils (which was only ar.) Any direction on this subject would be greatly appreciated.


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-> SCO openserver 5.0.5 issues with gcc compiling


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Wed Feb 22 00:12:51 2006: 1690   TonyLawrence

Did you install the header files from your SCO CD?

Wed Feb 22 16:58:42 2006: 1692   BigDumbDInosaur

Get your OSR5 CD (the one from which the operating system was installed) and install the libraries. You should also install the OSR5 development kit. The cc compiler will work for root even though a license hasn't been installed. Also, verify that you have downloaded and installed all applicable shared libraries, included ncurses, glibs, etc.

Wed Feb 22 18:14:35 2006: 1694   anonymous

Thanks, I'll look into this. I inherited this system.

Thu Feb 23 00:13:27 2006: 1695   TonyLawrence

Ah, so you didn't find or read (link)

Folks: before you ask a question, at least TRY searching here. There is a tremendous amount of easy to find information like that. You get your answer immediately, too.

And if you HAVE searched, tell us that when you post, and then we know what you already know :-)

Fri Feb 24 16:07:20 2006: 1707   anonymous

I did search here.. many times in fact, though I may not have used keywords which weren't in the error message. I also have found information on other sites about installing rs506a. Since these are production boxes with support licenses for proprietary software, our vendor needs to approve supplement/patch installations. My primary goal is to get rsync functioning. I do have a SCO OSR5 compiled binaries for rsync, but I get an error that libsocket.so.2 is not found.
I have located a /udk/usr/lib/libsocket.so.2 and copied|symlinked it to the appropriate location, but it errors out-
# ./rsyncd start
Starting rsyncd ...dynamic linker: /usr/local/bin/rsync: OpenServer binary cannot load Gemini shared object: /usr/lib/libsocket.so.2
./rsyncd: 29142 Killed

Fri Feb 24 20:41:39 2006: 1708   TonyLawrence

Did you notice (link) for rsync? I believe Brian has everything you need..

Thu Mar 9 15:00:07 2006: 1755   anonymous

I am actually using the binaries Alex built, which I am using to produce the errors. I am attempting to locate an OSR5 disk, since our vendor typically builts out our servers, to install the libraries,etc. Your input is greatly appreciated.

Thu Mar 9 18:32:21 2006: 1756   TonyLawrence

Well, you need the headers and libraries as explained at the link above.

I'm sure it would be very, very easy to find a 5.0.5 cd on Ebay..

Sat Mar 8 18:44:48 2008: 3813   BrianKWhite

You just need to install oss646c, as the web page says.
It installs just fine on OSR 5.0.4 and above and I haven't seen it break anything yet.
Now when you go fetch oss646c, it's own install notes say you need rs505a first (if on osr505 as you are), so go get that too, first. It's all very simple.


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