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CPIO error 27 - File too large

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Author: anonymous
Date: Tue Feb 21 10:26:28 2006
Subject: CPIO error 27 - File too large

When I do a backup "find / -o -print | cpio -ocv -O /file_system_in_AIX" in a NFS mounted on AIX system appears the error:

cpio: I/O error on write() : File too large (error 27)

The AIX file System is created for big files

As I can solve it?

SCO OpenServer 5.0.6

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-> CPIO error 27 - File too large


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Tue Feb 21 11:22:52 2006: 1679   TonyLawrence

NFS isn't AIX. You have a (N)etwork (F)ile (S)ystem that happens to have an AIX file system under it.

NFS V2 only supports up to 2GB. NFS V3 supports more.

SCO 5.0.6 uses V2, Openserver 6 uses V3. I have no idea what your AIX uses, and I don't know what happens when a V2 client mounts a V3 server. However, the answer is going to be on the AIX side, not on the SCO, because 5.0.6 only has V2.

I did find this from (link)

The file size limit for files located on an NFS server is taken from the process environment when nfsd is started. To use a specific value, edit the file /etc/rc.nfs and add a ulimit, using the ulimit command, with the desired limit before the startsrc command for nfsd.

but again I'm unclear on exactly how NFS V3 interacts with V2.

Tue Feb 21 12:10:01 2006: 1683   TonyLawrence

Oh, and of course cpio itself is running on OSR5.0.6 so it may be IT that can't handle the offset - in fact, that's probably the issue.

Tue Feb 21 22:58:11 2006: 1689   dhart

I seem to recall that last time I tried this (1988?) the problem with moving cpio *tapes* between systems was the little endian/big endian problem. There was a switch in AIX's cpio that let me make a tape that could be read on ATT a SVR4 system (50MHz 486 IIRC).

Thu Feb 23 08:21:41 2006: 1698   anonymous

In my case, the applied solution is:
cd /
tar cvf - . | rcmd address_of_remote_system "dd of=remote_device"

The speed is very, very best and no have the problem 'file too large'


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