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wacky keyboard

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Author: anonymous
Date: Thu Jan 26 20:40:02 2006
Subject: wacky keyboard

My keyboard has suddenly decided to wack out; any keyboard I try does the same thing. I can use it in maintenance mode, but after a normal boot and login it returns strange characters. Any ideas?

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Thu Jan 26 22:31:22 2006: 1570   TonyLawrence

Would you like to give us a clue as to what operarting system you might be running and and example of what happens when you type something?

If this is SCO, you've might have a munged ioctl.syscon file. Usually that mungs single user mode too, but you might have a different kind of damage.

Go into single- user mode by typing the root password followed by ^J instead of a carriage return. Use stty sane^J to restore your console to more normal operation. Remove /etc/ioctl.syscon, and reboot by running /etc/reboot. The system will complain that /etc/ioctl.syscon is missing and will rebuild it for you.

The usual cause for this file becoming corrupt was that the system was shut down from a terminal other than the console, and this file now contains the stty settings for that terminal (which are probably not correct for the console).

Try that. If that's not it, take a look at /etc/gettydefs - is it OK?

Fri Jan 27 16:32:44 2006: 1575   TonyLawrence

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Sat Jan 28 08:14:22 2006: 1584   anonymous

Does all text on the screen look bad or just text you type?
ie: is the login prompt legible?

As it's booting up does text look normal at first and then turn bad at some point?

If it's only text you type, are all characters wrong or only some?

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