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pls help me with segmentation

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Author: anonymous
Date: Wed Jan 25 14:44:15 2006
Subject: pls help me with segmentation

I read the article about segmentation written by tony lawrence. i have a question to ask on this subject. suppose that we are in protected mode and we have entered 3 segment descriptors(1 for data, 1 for code, 1 for the stack). each has its own base and limit.

and as you all know every executable program consists of data,code,bss etc. segments. could anyone prepare a scheme and document which shows:

1) when you load 2 executables into the memory, how and where its own segments are located in memory using the gdt?

2) how can we define those segments in gdt, i mean data,code and stack? how will we tell the gdt which is what segment?

that is all for now.
thanks in advance for the answers.

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-> pls help me with segmentation

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Wed Jan 25 14:59:53 2006: 1562   TonyLawrence

There are kernel books that cover that kind of detail.. I forget whether (link) gets that deep (most of my books are still packed from our recent move and I can't easily get at them) but it might.


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