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managing processes under linux

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Author: anonymous
Date: Wed Oct 12 04:47:16 2005

How do I kill all processes that are owned by the current user but that are not associated with their current login tty.

I have to run ps before killing any processes and display the output on the screen and kill the required processes then re-run ps to display the processes left after the kill action.

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Wed Oct 12 09:25:29 2005: 1184   TonyLawrence

It depends on how you want to do this. You could use killall -i to do it interactively, or you simply write a script that picks up the "?" processes and kills them.

Something similar to

kill `ps x --deselect T -o pid`

maybe ?

Play with

for i in `ps x --deselect T -o pid` ; do ps -p $i; done

until you see what you want.

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