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Print copies problem

© August 2005 anonymous

Author: anonymous
Date: Fri Aug 26 10:58:06 2005
Subject: Print copies problem

When attempt to remote print several copies of a document with the command 'lp -n2 -d printer file', leaves printed one copies. as it can be the problem? as I can see if SCO is really sending a copy or two to the printer?

System = SCO_SV
Release = 3.2v5.0.6
Print Server = Lexmark MarkNet

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-> Print copies problem


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Fri Aug 26 15:20:14 2005: 1031   TonyLawrence

OK, but the answer is still the same:

Printing is all controlled by interface scripts, which you can read all about at (link)

Examine your script and see why it is not printing. It's probably not even looking at $4 (copies). Or you are trying to send that to some remote lpd printer that doesn't understand or care.

Mon Aug 29 10:27:39 2005: 1036   anonymous

I feel it, but I cannot find script to modify.

In order to register the printer I make the following:
scoadmin printer manager
Printer --> Add remote --> UNIX
Deselect the Extended remote printing protocol
See (link)

After I verify if script has creates some in /usr/spool/lp/admins/lp/interfaces or /var/spool/lp/admins/lp/interfaces and does not exist any file with the name of the printer.

$ cat /usr/spool/lp/admins/lp/printers/PRT9400_0/configuration
Device: PRT9400_0@imp94006
Printer type:
Remote: PRT9400_0@imp94006

$ cat /etc/printcap


Mon Aug 29 11:11:42 2005: 1037   TonyLawrence

You are printing to a remote printer. As already noted, that's where the problem is: either your end isn't passing the args or the other end doesn't care.

One way to handle that is to "front-end" with a virtual printer that sends the job to the real printer as many times as requested in $4. There are examples of virtual printers at (link) and a search here for "virtual printer" will turn up other examples.

Wed Aug 31 12:29:17 2005: 1048   anonymous

Solved problem.
I have created a local printer (model:network and device:/dev/null) and later I have associated it in the file /usr/spool/lp/remote with the remote printer.
The remote printer has a filter that adds CR-LF and FF, as well as the escape sequences that need to us.

Thank you very much by the aid


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