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decrement filenames in unix

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Author: anonymous
Date: Thu Aug 25 11:12:26 2005
Subject: decrement filenames in unix

Hi, I need a help regrading renaming the file names with the follwoing scenario: I have thousand of files with following name:


I want a script to decrement the file names with last 4 digits of current files names as following:


Any help regaridng this, ll appreciate very much.

Thankning You in advance.


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Thu Aug 25 11:44:03 2005: 1025   TonyLawrence

Please SEARCH before you post.

If you had typed "rename" into the search box at the top of every page here, you would have got (link) as the first hit and had your answer instantly, and also saved me the time of pointing this out to you.

Search first. If you don't find what you want or don't understand it, post. But search first.

Fri Aug 26 05:45:06 2005: 1028   anonymous

I would try something like this: Make a directory called scripts with another directory called test then save the contents of this file as rename.pl, and copy some of your files into the test directory. Notice i said COPY. You don't want to lose the originals, but this worked for me when I had to rename a bunch of spyware images one time... if it doesn't, we can use perl's substr() function....

opendir (DH1,"$dir") || die "Cannot open directory\n";

foreach $file (@ARRAY1)
next if $file=~/\^./;
if ($file =~/^\d/)
$file2 = $file;
$file2 =~ s/^\d[4]//; # This d[4] item is what you would change for the
# number of didgets to remove...
`cp $dir/$file $dir/$file2`;
# `rm -f $dir/$file`; use for cleanup with caution ;)
print "$cnt files handled\n";

close DH1;

Sat Aug 27 13:28:26 2005: 1035   anonymous

Many Thanks for your help,
I tried to do as per your instruction, but scipt gave me the error:

source $PATH and file names with source $PATH file names are identical.

Any suggestion on it..

Fri Sep 9 20:43:56 2005: 1070   anonymous

Where did you save the script? It should be in the scripts directory and not the test directory. If that is not the issue, then I would want to look at putting the copied files into another directory.

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