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my unix computer has a wrong,please help me

© June 2005 anonymous

Author: anonymous
Date: Thu Jun 23 05:27:35 2005
Subject: my unix computer has a wrong,please help me

When my computer is running,suddenly stopped,and the screen printed such messages:

unexpected trap in kernel mode 
Panic :k-trap-kernel mode trap type 040000000E 
trying to dump 130969 pages to dumpdev hd(1/41),1638 pages per .... 
Double panic: ..... 

I wish ,you can help me the reason of this . thank you.

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-> my unix computer has a wrong,please help me


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Thu Jun 23 09:37:37 2005: 686   TonyLawrence

For crying out loud!


If you had typed just "trap" into the search box at the top of every single page here, yopu would have got (link) as the very first hit (and rub the dust of your screen; it's 0x0000000E, not 040000000E)

I don't know how many times I have to say this: SEARCH BEFORE YOU POST. You'll get your answer instantly most of the time rather than waiting for someone to answer you.

Thu Jun 23 15:31:42 2005: 689   BigDumbDinosaur

0x0000000E usually indicates some kind of memory error. If your machine is running standard (i.e., non-ECC) memory, you may be the victim of a single bit error caused by background radiation. Of course, defective RAM could be the culprit as well. If your system is equipped with ECC RAM, verify that the BIOS is configured to recognize the ECC capabilities -- this feature is normally disabled by default. If the ECC option "check and correct" is available, enable it!

Other possibilities include the northbridge part of the chipset running too hot, an overheating MPU, a defective power supply whose 5 VDC output has strayed too far from the nominal value, direct connection of the computer to the power line, or the use of DMA mode with EIDE hard drives (the latter can cause some really strange problems -- better to use SCSI hardware). Regarding the MPU, verify that the fins on the cooler are free of dust and dirt, and make sure the cooler fan is running at full speed. The BIOS in most modern motherboards has a function to monitor the tachometer output of the fan, as well as the MPU and system temperature. Be sure that all covers and panels are in place before monitoring temperatures, and also allow the system to run at least 20 minutes so as to stabilize operating conditions.

Aside from the above causes, there could be other possible problems with your system, some of which are complicated and not readily understood by a non-technical user. Read the article that Tony mentioned for some more information.

As Tony said, try using one of this site's built-in search engines before taking the lazy way out and posting a help request. The search functions here are very comprehensive and can quickly zero in on possible answers to your questions. Most computer professionals (including yours truly) get quite annoyed when users won't make the effort to avail themselves of simple tools and troubleshooting techniques. Of course, if a lazy user is prepared to hand over some cash... :-)


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