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DAT72 (dds Gen5) tape drive not working

Author: anonymous
Date: Thu Jun 9 16:12:39 2005
Subject: DAT72 (dds Gen5) tape drive not working

DAT72 tape drive attached to Adaptec 39320ALP using SCO OpenServer 506 with ad320 (v1.1) driver. Controller reported fine in hwconfig, added tape drive using mkdev tape (as a SCSI DAT), it doesn't complain but it doesn't work, it just says device /dev/rct0 (or /dev/xct0) doesn't exist. Please help.

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Thu Jun 9 17:04:49 2005: 636   TonyLawrence

You didn't read, and you didn't search. The articles at (link) and
(link) would
surely answer your question and they would have instantly popped up had you bothered to type "tape" in the search box.

So instead you waste everybody's time with a useless post. I'm sorry, but it's damn annoying: if people don't search before they post, they just waste time for themselves and everyone else.

Your answers are in the referenced articles. Don't post again without having at least tried to find the answer that way. If you try, and don't understand something, that's fine: ask your question. But don't waste our time with nonsense like this.

Kerio Samepage

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