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Business Basic Editor

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Author: anonymous
Date: Fri May 20 21:57:30 2005
Subject: Business Basic Editor

Just a how to start question with Business Basic. We have a point of sales system built in business basic, the files themselves appear to be in binary. Can someone recommend what program to use to open the files up to edit them?


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Fri May 20 23:08:55 2005: 557   TonyLawrence

If they are binary, they are only going to be opened by the application that created them.. you may or may not have that application. Someone else here may know specifically what that is and how to use it; I've used the editor on Universe systems but those were text files you would compile with the BASIC command.. perhaps you only have the compiled versions?

Sat May 21 02:27:34 2005: 558   dhart

Which Business Basic is this? Some will have a hash table at the front of the file with ascii data following, some will have embedded hex pointers.

Sat May 21 15:23:41 2005: 559   anonymous

Thanks for the replies. Looks like I figured it out. I open vpro5, then:

Start 1024 (To increase the memory workspace)
Load "pathtofile"
call "_ascii"

And that pops up a text editor with the code in it. Now my next question is, are there any tutorial websites out there that can explain the syntax?


Sat May 21 15:44:11 2005: 560   TonyLawrence

All the BB editors I've used have built-in help, but I'm sure Googling for Business Basic will also find pages. It's mostly just Basic; it's the file handling that has the odd stuff..

Sun May 22 13:35:50 2005: 561   BigDumbDinosaur

This sounds as though it may be BBx. There are a lot of skilled BBx programmers still around, so you might want to seek out one to give you some help.

Don't let the fact that it is BASIC fool you. Virtually all Business BASIC dialects are very sophisticated and are capable of performing complex operations. The file handling features alone will keep you guessing for a while.

Tue May 24 16:42:49 2005: 567   anonymous

Full documentation for VPro/5 is available at (link)


Tue Jan 24 19:49:27 2006: 1551   anonymous

If you need any help, I have many years experience of Business Basic, and now work on a freelance contract basis

your welcome to contact me for more details colin@cmec-consulting.co.uk


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