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SCO 5.0.5.: migrating from an old to new server

© May 2005 anonymous

Author: anonymous
Date: Wed May 18 18:51:28 2005
Subject: SCO 5.0.5.: migrating from an old to new server

Hi all

I have to migrate everything such users, settings, and programs from an old PIII running SCO-UNIX 5.0.5 to a new PIV where i should install the same SCO-UNIX 5.0.5. for compatibility reasons. Wich is the right and shortest way to do it ??

Thanks to everybody


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-> SCO 5.0.5.: migrating from an old to new server


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Wed May 18 20:04:03 2005: 542   TonyLawrence

See the article here (link)

That has everything you need to know and more..

Wed May 18 20:05:53 2005: 543   TonyLawrence

And as your os isn't changing, consider using a Supertar to do the transfer (avoids reloading the OS). Specifically see (link)

Wed May 18 21:18:27 2005: 546   TonyLawrence


Pay attention to (link)
And do you have drivers for the new disk?

Thu May 19 13:26:24 2005: 548   BigDumbDinosaur

...from an old PIII running SCO-UNIX 5.0.5 to a new PIV...

Using a P4 in this application is not recommended! You will run into thermal issues with the P4 that the 5.0.5 kernal does not address, possibly resulting in overheating of the MPU and outright system failure.

A better choice, and one that produces a higher level of performance for the same amount of money, is an AMD Opteron powered unit. We have tested 5.0.5, 5.0.6 and 5.0.7 on the Opteron, and currently have several Opteron servers running 5.0.7 in service. BTW, 5.0.6 requires OSS657A to address programmable interrupt timer issues with P4 and/or AMD Athlon/Opteron processors.

P4 thermal management issues in 5.0.6 are addressed by installing patch OSS648A -- this function is built into the 5.0.7 kernal. OSS648A cannot be applied to 5.0.5 and older releases, which means they are unsafe to use with the P4.

Thu May 19 19:42:51 2005: 549   TonyLawrence

Maybe. It's certainly something to be aware of,
which is the subject of Bela's
(link) post
referered to above.

Wed May 30 06:40:42 2007: 3007   anonymous

Hi There,
Any one have the key for SCO 5.0.5. I have original CD but the key lost.

Wed May 30 09:17:23 2007: 3008   TonyLawrence

If you are asking what YOUR key is, see (link)

If you just obtained a CD somewhere, you need to BUY a license.


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