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Are the benefits of getting Amazon Prime worth the cost?

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Anonymous asks:

Are the benefits of getting Amazon Prime worth the cost?

We buy a LOT from Amazon, so the free shipping is valuable to us.

But that's not all Prime has to offer. In addition to the shipping (which is contiguous U.S. only and only on items marked "Prime", but there are many in every category), Prime membership gets you:

We do have a Kindle, so the free Kindle Lending Library is something we use sometimes. Most of what they have is low value fiction, but now and then we find something worth reading. The streaming movies and Amazon produced series are very worthwhile, although I detest their awful interface - if they'd fix that, we'd use it more. We also stream a lot of music since we bought their Echo product. I was using their photo storage too, but now that Google is free, that's better.

We didn't like Prime Pantry or Amazon Elements.

So, definitely worth the $100 for us. For you?

Amazon Prime Benefits

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-> Are the benefits of getting Amazon Prime worth the cost?

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