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Do I need to recreate mobile accounts when upgrading to Kerio Connect 8.5?

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Anonymous asks:

I just read this "When upgrading to Kerio Connect 8.5, users must re-create their mobile device accounts to benefit from the Exchange ActiveSync 14.1.”. Does that mean we need to remove the current profile on these iPhones and reinstall it?

You'd think that means that they need to recreate only if they want the new abilities of 14.1, but Kerio support says "The use of the phrase that you quoted really means that you will need to recreate your account on a mobile device in order for it to work". I don't think that's correct - old accounts do seem to work.

Prior to 8.5, Kerio supported Activesync 12.1. This doesn't really seem to add anything useful; it just means that you can now connect using EAS In Outlook 2013, rather than using KOFF and that the option to "Allow synchronisation of unsupported Activesync Devices" has been removed because there is no more need for it - any EAS device should work.

Wikipedia does have a nice list "Comparison of Exchange ActiveSync clients", but it currently does not include Kerio Connect.

Creating Exchange ActiveSync accounts in Outlook 2013

Exchange ActiveSync 14.1

Comparison of Exchange ActiveSync clients

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