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g++ not working

© April 2005 Tony Lawrence

Author: TonyLawrence
Date: Wed Apr 27 11:09:30 2005
Subject: g++ not working

Someone posted a comment here simply saying:

Can anyone tell how to compile C++ code on SCO unix as g++ command is not working......

You really need to give us more than that to go on. That's like saying "I don't feel good" to a doctor over the phone - what's he supposed to do next?

What do you actually mean by this? You can't get the gnu compilers installed? You can't compile ANY code? One specific program? What happens? What error messages do you get?

Eric Raymond has a long document: How To Ask Questions The Smart Way. Microsoft has a slightly shorter document: How to ask a question. My own advice is more brief:

That's a question that can be easily answered (routes don't persist across reboot, you can either add the command to /etc/rc.local or put the route into the network configuration files). The information supplied tells everything likely to be needed; it isn't vague, it is precise. That's how you need to ask questions.

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-> g++ not working

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