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Using pppd from the command line - ttyname syntax?

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Author: ReflectiveTurtle

I'm trying to establish a PPTP VPN connection from a command line using pppd on a Mac OS X 10.4.1 system.

My machine has a full time connection to the internet via a cable modem, so no dial-up is required.

What is the correct syntax to use for the "ttyname" on the pppd command line for it to use this link?

Neither "en0" nor "/dev/en0" work.

Do I need to specify any other serial link parameters? (speed, baud, ...?)


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-> -> Using pppd from the command line - ttyname syntax?

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Sat Jun 4 10:17:10 2005: 611   TonyLawrence

I couldn't find much on that. The closest thing I found was (link) which doesn't sound like what you want.

Kerio Samepage

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