Is there a way to get Ethernet from Wireless?

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Is there a way to get Ethernet from Wireless? My landlord gives me free wireless but I need to plug my Vonage phone into Ethernet

Technically, what you want is a bridge. However, if you stop by Best Buy or wherever and tell them that you need to bridge wireless to Ethernet, you probably will just confuse them.

Instead, tell them you want a wireless repeater with an Ethernet port on it. They will understand that.

If you are Googling, searching for either Wireless to Ethernet Bridge or Wireless Repeater will find the right stuff. There's no need to spend a lot of money unless you are in a corporate environment. For home use, you can go cheap.

Then, of course, you have to set it up. Conceptually that's just a matter of getting this new device talking to your existing wireless network. That should be easy, but some of these things seem to go out of their way to be confusing. If you keep in mind the end result, you may have an easier time. What you will be doing is giving this new box its own SSID and getting it connected to your wireless. Then plug in your cable and it is done.

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