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only root user can print, normal users cannot

Author: Brian
Date: Wed Mar 2 14:50:39 2005

Subject: only root user can print, normal users cannot

Hi, i am using SCO OpenServer 5.0.6 and i have this strange problem. Only root users can print, normal users cannot print and no errors are shown. I am sure its a rights problem but dont know where...I hope you can help me. Thanks

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Wed Mar 2 15:13:40 2005: 100   TonyLawrence

It's most likely permissions on the lp binaries themselves- these are setuid on and if that is lost, or if they have the wrong ownership, ordinary users can't print.

This can come from running "mkdev rlp" twice on older OSes: If you have done that (or suspect that you have because things are very broken in the printing department), see (link)

See (link) also

Wed Mar 2 18:21:56 2005: 101   TonyLawrence

Just for completeness, if it were just ONE printer with this problem, it would be in the users.allow file for that printer (/usr/spool/lp/admins/lp/printers/printername/). One way to get that can be from using the SCO Openserver Duplicate Printer function on some versions - it may create a "users.allow" file that includes all current users. If you did this before adding users, only root would be in there. Unfortunately, users added later won't be automatically added to that file, so you may want to delete it.

But I'm sure this is lack of proper perms.

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