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Fortinet Firewall Virtual IP's


I found this a little confusing, so am documenting it here in case you run into the same problem.

The first task is to define a virtual IP. You give it a name, and its interface is "wan1" (or "wan2" of course). It's Static NAT, and unfortunately you apparently have to enter an actual IP. I have a DHCP assigned WAN, which will change whenever there is a power failure, so I had hoped to be able to use (for any address), but that didn't work for me. The mapped IP is the internal address you want to go to. In my case, this was a machine in the DMZ, so my first thought was that a WAN1 to DMZ policy was all that would be needed but that's not the case: you need to specifically include the VIP name in the "Address Name".

In my case, the whole thing ended up looking like this:

config firewall vip
edit "Linuxvip"
set extip
set mappedip
set extintf "wan1"


config firewall policy

set srcintf "wan1"
set dstintf "dmz"
set srcaddr "all"
set dstaddr "Linuxvip"
set action accept
set schedule "always"
nameset service "SSH"

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