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SCO Unix Installation FAQ

This article is from a FAQ concerning SCO operating systems. While some of the information may be applicable to any OS, or any Unix or Linux OS, it may be specific to SCO Xenix, Open There is lots of Linux, Mac OS X and general Unix info elsewhere on this site: Search this site is the best way to find anything.

How can I boot multiple operating systems including SCO Unix ?

Your SCO system includes the ability to boot Unix/Xenix or other operating systems; see the man page for boot. This is enough in most, though certainly not all, cases.

As always, make and verify at least one backup and at least one set of emergency diskettes before performing any major systems work. This qualifies as major systems work.

Sometimes, you may have to deactivate your Unix/Xenix partition, install a new operating system, then reboot from your emergency diskettes and reactivate the Unix/Xenix partition.

Roberto Zini:

Please remember to install Microsoft's OSes first !

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-> (SCO Unix) How can I boot multiple operating systems?

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