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SCO Unix X11 and GUI FAQ

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What is the SCO Unix pmwm (panner) Window manager?

Down in the left corner of your SCO GUI is a set of boxes marked "SCO Panner". Good luck trying to find a man page on this, and it won't help you a bit to know that /usr/bin/X11/pmwm is the binary, or that SCO calls this "SCO Panorama"

Still, it's a neat little gizmo that lets you switch between multiple GUI sessions as though you had a giant GUI screen. To see how this works, just open up anything on your screen, it doesn't matter what. Now click one of the other windows in the panner. Notice that the look of the panner icon has changed: it shows you what you have open in each window.

Also notice that you can get more windows by resizing the panner: grab it by the corner and stretch it upward. This is one way to deal with something that is too large for your current screen resolution.

There is a manual page in the graphical help section; Access this by pulling down Help from the Desktop menu bar.

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-> (SCO Unix) What is the pmwm (panner) Window manager?

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