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SCO Unix/System V Printing FAQ

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Which SCO Unix/System V Interface script do I use?

That depends upon both the printers ability to emulate other printers and your need for special effects.

For example, the "dumb" and "standard" interfaces just send along characters. They don't know how to make things bold or change fonts; they just send out characters. Most dot-matrix and even quite a few lasers are quite happy with that, and will produce output that is entirely suitable for typical office reports, though perhaps not for word processing.

If you *do* need more control, you simply need to know what the printer can emulate, and choose the appropriate interface from that knowledge. Almost all printers emulate something, and in the rare case where they don't emulate anything useful, you need to get the control codes for the features you want from the manual, and then modify some other script.

Of course, that won't help with programs like Word Perfect that provide their own drivers and use the interface files only as a means of co-existing with other programs using the spooler. In that case, you either need to emulate something that Word Perfect or your other high level program can understand, or you have to settle for simple, no frills output.

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