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SCO Unix/System V Printing FAQ

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What are the escape sequences to select the trays on my HP Laser printer?

Back before the dinosaurs died, printers came with manuals that had all this stuff in them. Nowadays, you are lucky if it's on the CD, and if it is, good luck finding it. Here's a few that may help for HPLaserjets:

Hexadecimal Code Decimal Code Octal Code Action
1B 11 27 17 033 021 Standard Tray
1B 15 27 21 033 025 (4050) Standard Tray
1B 14 27 20 033 024 MP Paper Tray
1B 15 27 21 033 025 500 Sheet Tray
1B 18 27 24 033 030 (4050) 500 Sheet Tray
1B 16 27 22 033 026 Optional Envelope Feeder

The octal codes are what you'd probably use in an interface script:

echo "\033\030\c"

Thanks to Jean-Pierre Radley and Richard Seeder

For a complete list of Laserjet codes see HP LaserJet Series Printers - PCL Commands, Basic Page Formatting, and Font Selection.

The ones to use for printing text:

echo "\033E\c" # Reset Printer
echo "\033&k2G\c" # Set line termination mode (LF=LF/CR).

Flush All complete pages \E&r0F 
Flush all page data \E&r1F

I don't find these two mentioned at that HP document.

They are referenced in this PCL 5 Technical reference PDF, which explains that these can be used to free printer memory but that they will reduce performance.

See PCL6 also.

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-> What are the escape sequences to select the trays on my HP Laser printer?

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Also, see (link) for an extensive discussion of PCL5.

You may be interested to know that you can order a CD from H-P with a complete set of articles on PCL, encompassing both the theory and the escape codes.


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