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SCO Unix/System V Printing FAQ

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How do I stop extra form feeds that spit out blank pages? (SCO Unix/System V )

The concept here is the same as for getting rid of banners and trailers, but the scripts are even less standardized. The best place to look is in the section that (usually) starts with:

for file in $files

Following that maybe a line that does:

echo "\f"

or perhaps:

echo "\014"

or (less likely):

echo "^L"

and sometimes something obvious like:

echo "$formfeed"

Your job is to stop that formfeed from echoing. Some of the more complex scripts even have a whole separate formfeed program that they call. Whatever it is, if it's controlled by a variable set earlier in the script (most scripts are this way, including the Laserjet scripts), you should change that variable.

Remember that HP JetDirect printers have the real script in model.orig (see the first section of this article) and that you need to modify the models if the change is to be safely permanent.

Examples: the "dumb" and "hp" models have this code around line 100:

        for file in $files
                0<${file} eval ${FILTER} 2>&1
                echo "\014\c"

You'd need to remove the "echo "\014\c" line, or comment it out:

              # echo "\014\c"

There's another "echo" a few lines above; this is the one that spits out before your print job.

However, in the "standard" model, you'll find this around line 289:


Just as you would change "nobanner" to "yes" to stop banners, you change "nofilebreak" to "yes" to prevent extra blank pages. Hans Fuller (hans@fullermetric.com) reminds me that if an HP script isn't already doing an echo "\033E\c" , you should replace the "\f\c" with that to reset the printer.

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-> (SCO Unix) How do I stop extra form feeds that spit out blankpages?

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