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Does SCO Unix Openserver support USB devices?

Openserver version 5.0.6 with the RS506A supplement does provide some support for USB devices. Read the cover letter for the details.

At USB card for SCO, Bela Lubkin explained:

To see which USB controllers you have, run:

  hw -r pci | awk 'BEGIN{RS=""}/ClassCode:.*0x0c03/'

The possibilities are:

                                                          Supported by...
  ClassCode   USB standard   HCI standard        Speed    rs506a   OSR507
  =========   ============   ================   =======   ======   ======
  0x0c0300      USB 1.x      UHCI "Universal"    12Mbps      X        X
  0x0c0310      USB 1.x      OHCI "Open"         12Mbps               X
  0x0c0320      USB 2.0      EHCI "Enhanced"    480Mbps               X

Which shows that if you need access to USB devices on OpenServer 5.0.6 you need a USB controller card with a UHCI chipset, period.

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-> (SCO Unix) Does Openserver support USB devices?

---July 10, 2004

how can i use usb devices of sco openserver 5.0.4

---July 10, 2004

By upgrading. 5.0.7 adds more support. It doesn't match Linux support, but may someday :-)


---July 10, 2004


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