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How do I repair a SCO Unix drive geometry problem?

Contributed by Bela Lubkin:

How do I repair the geometry of an IDE drive?

Figure out old geometry, stamp it anew, set BIOS to "auto" -- though in fact it's probably more like: stamp anew, then set BIOS to whatever settings it originally had when the drive was first seen by Unix, be those "auto", "LBA" or whatever -- which, in practice, means: stamp it, try "auto", if no good, _stamp again_, try "LBA", etc. -- and probably better to twiddle BIOS settings _before_ stamping, each cycle of the attempt ((the Unix "stamp" appears on the masterboot sector and should not, as far as I can determine, _ever_ get corrupted by anything you do in BIOS setup. But anecdotal evidence seem to indicate otherwise; which implies, whenever you do anything to BIOS settings, do that first, _then_ restamp from Unixland.

How do I repair the geometry of a SCSI drive?

Figure out old geometry, restamp; note that default geometries vary from one host adapter to another (sometimes even between individual units of the same brand/model), so it's often necessary to do this. also, prophylactic stamping: the OS, at least older versions but maybe even up to this day, does not _by default_ stamp SCSI drives with their parms. user can do so, as a matter of course. then, if drive is ever moved to a different host adapter w/different default geometry, nothing bad will happen: OS will just use the stamped geometry without being affected by the host adapter's defaults.

Generically, how do I stamp drive geometry?

IDE or SCSI. Make sure kernel can "see" the drive, e.g. run `mkdev hd` at least once for SCSI. Then _3_ runs of dparam: 1. `dparam -w /dev/rhdxx` (makes sure masterboot record is the correct OSR5 one -- doesn't touch partition info or geometry stamps). 2. `dparam /dev/rhdxx` to read out existing params. 3. `dparam /dev/rhdxx cyls hds ppp qqq rrr sss cyls secs`, where ppp/qqq/rrr/ sss are middle 4 of existing parameters. "cyls" twice, one is landing zone.

You may find this Stage 1 Boot failure thread useful also.

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