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SCO Unix, Xenix and ODT General FAQ

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I've downloaded a driver.dd or driver.img file for SCO Unix, what do I do with it?

It's probably a floppy image. You can either put it on a floppy

 dd if=driver.dd of=/dev/fd0135ds18 bs=18k

See Unix/Linux Basics: Floppy Disks


or, assuming this is something to be installed with "custom" on an OSR5 system:

 mv driver.dd VOL.000.000

Note that if you passed through Windows on your way to SCO, your VOL file(s) will be renamed to VOL_.000.000 and that will not work. Watch out for ftp not being set to "binary" mode if transferring from Windows. Finally, some SCO versions were fussy about perms on VOL files - they may need to be 666 specifically, not 777 or any execute bit..

Then run "custom" (Or Scoadmin -> Sotware Manager) and tell it to install from "Media Images". Give it the directory where VOL.000.000 is, and it will install.

NOTE: that's ONLY true on OSR5- the 3.2v4.x versions require a floppy.

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