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SCO Unix Serial Communications and UUCP

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I increased my SCO Unix UUCP window size but nothing changed

This is an ancient post with no relevance to modern systems.

When UUCP is negotiating a connection, each side will tell the other what window size to use when sending. Therefore, if your window size is 7 and the remote uses 3, you will be sending files using a window size of 3, but the other side may send with a window size of up to 7. Note that the UUCP on the other side may not support the window size you specify, and may send with a smaller window than you requested. While this should not cause problems, it may provide lower performance than you'd like.

If your connection does not have data compression, error correction, or long transmission delays, and the two sites involved have sufficient CPU power to respond quickly to incoming packets, a window size of 2 or 3 should be sufficient to achieve streaming data flow. In this case, a larger window size will not provide any benefit.

If you have a Telebit modem, see the Telebit notes below.

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-> I increased my UUCP window size but nothing changed (SCO Unix)

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