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Unix (3.2v4.2) and ODT FAQ

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My SCO Unix kernel locks up at boot time

This is not really a generic answer, but only deals with one particular type of lockup. If your machine locks up and the last thing on the screen was "xyzxinit", where xyzx is the name of the driver for a SCSI host adapter, you can disable the driver by booting with defbootstr disable=xyzx The kernel ships with drivers for a wide range of hardware. The xyzxinit routines are responsible for detecting and initializing a particular piece of hardware. If the machine hangs at this point, then one particular driver is clashing with something in your machine. If the driver is for a card you don't have, it should be safe to disable it as shown above. If the driver which is hanging runs a piece of hardware which you're trying to use, you need to do some further work to determine why it's clashing. This may involve adjusting jumpers or other configuration information on the card.

If you discover that you need to disable multiple drivers, separate their names with commas. For example, to disable spad and wdha, use defbootstr disable=spad,wdha.

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-> My machine locks up at boot time (SCO Unix)

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