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Can I use the scohelp server as a Web server? (Old Sco Unix)

This is an ancient post with no relevance to modern systems.

Yes, although you'd probably be wiser to consider something like Apache (https://www.apache.org/; it's also available as part of Skunkware. If you wish to use the scohelp server, follow the instructions in TA 107564.


          The SCO OpenServer Release 5.0 SCOHelp binary can also be used
          as a browser for the WWW.  To do so, click on the menu item:


          and activate the selection:

                  "Web Browser Mode"

          Then select (click) the menu item:


          and select the option:

                  "Open URL"

          A dialog box will appear.  Enter the URL of the
          WWW page that you want to access.

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-> Can I use the scohelp server as a Web server? (SCO Unix)

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