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How do I get rid of that "Unregistered Software" message on SCO Unix?

By registering the software.

You need to run "scoadmin" (either with the GUI or the character mode tool) and get to the License Manager. There you will see your SCO products, and als, at the bottom of the screen, will be a "SCO System ID". You need that number, and the serial number for each product you want to register.

Go to https://www.sco.com/support/registration and fill out the forms there to obtain registration codes for each product. Then return to the License Manager and register them.

This is entirely a cosmetic issue: nothing will ever stop working or work differently due to not registering.

System id

This was probably used elsewhere in licensing, but the most visible use of it was in SCO's optional registration step.

That registration began late - probably sometime after someone woke up and realized "Hey, we have tens of thousands of systems sold through VARS and consultants and we have no idea who the actual user is. Duh!". As it was entirely optional, and was unnecessarily clumsy and difficult if the SCO system lacked internet access (as many did), most systems were left unregistered.

While hardly the cause of SCO's failure, this basic marketing information neglect certainly added to their woes when they came out with new products.

On some systems, "brand -I" would return this data. Apparently brand -k replaced that on SCO 5.0.7.

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-> (SCO Unix) How do I get rid of that 'Unregistered Software' message?

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