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This article is from a FAQ concerning SCO operating systems. While some of the information may be applicable to any OS, or any Unix or Linux OS, it may be specific to SCO Xenix, Open This is an old article about SCO Unix and is only left here for historical purposes. There is lots of Linux, Mac OS X and general Unix info elsewhere on this site: Search this site is the best way to find anything.

I loaded a SCO Unix patch but it didn't take effect

This is an ancient post with no relevance to modern systems.

Loading/unloading and applying patches only applies through 5.0.2- thanks to Dirk Hart for spotting this.

You probably forgot to apply it. Loading a patch places the contents of the patch on the hard drive, but does not activate the patch. Applying the patch does the necessary replacement of system files and whatever other adjustments are required to make the patch take effect. For more detailed information on the actual procedures, consult your manuals.

You may wish to load a patch, but not apply it, for several reasons. Another machine on the network can apply a patch directly from your machine's hard drive if you've loaded the patch. Also, you may find that you will have to roll back several patches to replace or remove an earlier one, and then reapply the ones you rolled back; having loaded the patches first saves you from having to use the diskettes again.

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-> (SCO Unix) I loaded a patch but it didn't take effect

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