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I installed gcc from Skunkware, but it doesn't work (Old Sco Unix).

You need some libraries, header files and some other things that do not get installed by default.

To install these, insert your original OS CDROM, run custom, choose Install New and install the "SCO OpenServer Linker and Application Development Libraries" - note that these are NOT part of the Development System or Enterprise choices; you don't have to expand any packages, this is right at the top level. The instructions at the Skunkware site can throw you off because they tell you to look for "Application Development Libraries and Linker", which is not what is says on the CD's.

SCO Unix had two compiler options. The first as their "native" compiler, which required a purchased license.

At some point they put gcc into Skunkware and you could avoid the purchasing of a license by using that. You did still need the SCO specific header files, but they let you have those freely.

Some folks had both and of course make files might be aimed at one or the other. You *might* be able to fix that as simply as editing the 'Makefile' and changing 'CC' settings to CC=gcc, but there could be more than that required.

If there is a $CC macro in the makefile, you might override it with:

$ make CC=/usr/local/bin/gcc

Yo may also be interested in GCC Compiler Tips.

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-> (SCO Unix) I installed gcc from Skunkware, but it doesn't work.

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