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How do I add a Zip or Jaz drive to SCO Unix?

You need to have the SCSI versions- I don't know of any drivers for the parallel port types. The SCSI versions are added as any SCSI hard drive is: "mkdev hd". I'd suggest that you name the filesystem something like "zip" or "jazz".

SCO 5.0.7 will support ide devices.

When you want to mount this, just "mount /dev/jaz /mnt" etc. If you have enabled Dos filesystem support (on OSR5 "mdev dos" ), you can mount Dos filesystems on these cartridges.

To create a file system on a blank or Dos cartridge, leave it unmounted and run "divvy /dev/jaz" (or whatever you called it). Follow the prompts to create a new filesystem.

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-> How do I add a Zip or Jaz drive? (SCO Unix)

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