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Killall doesn't work! (Old Sco Unix)

Well, actually it does- it's just a very different command than what you might think.

Solaris, Linux and Bsd users are accustomed to using killall to kill processes by name. SCO (and old Sunos too) use killall quite differently. They use it as part of shutdown to kill off stuff before shutting down. Here's what happens with SCO if you type "killall mozilla-bin" as root. (thanks to Bela Lubkin for some enlightenment here):

"mozilla-bin" gets converted to a number. Fortunately, that's 0, because "killall" then builds a list of processes and sends them a signal 0. Signal 0 does nothing, so no harm done in this case. But if we had said "killall 9lives" instead, it would have sent a signal 9 to just about everything running. That could upset a few people.

See "man killall" for the gory details. Try "killall -v mozilla-bin" on SCO if you like - but don't try "9lives" unless you don't care what gets killed (the -v shows the processes affected).

John Dubois's "maim" program is similar to Linux/Bsd killall:

"maim" script

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-> (SCO Unix) Killall doesn't work!

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