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How do I find out serial numbers of my various components? (Old Sco Unix)

For the OS itself, you can use uname. For Unix, use uname -X; it will print (among other items) the serial number. For Xenix (at least 2.3.3, and probably other releases), uname -u will print the numerical portion (e.g. if your serial number is sco012345, it will print 12345). That can be wrong however- if you reserialized after installation, it will show the serial number you installed with.

Starting in Unix 3.2v4.2/ODT 3.0, SCO added /etc/getserno. To find out the serial number of a package, first find out what files are serialized in that package using grep ser= /etc/perms/* (or /etc/perms/packagename if you know it). Then, run /etc/getserno filename, where filename is the name of one of the files that is serialized during installation. Note that not all files listed may actually contain a textual representation of the serial number (for example, none of the binaries in the Unix dev sys do).

You can use the scoadmin license manager on OSR5 and UW7 to see serial numbers.

As a special case, the serial number of the OS itself can be found simply by watching the kernel ID it displays at boot time (or look through /usr/adm/messages for it) (no longer true on modern releases).

Roberto Zini:

If one's interested in finding out the original activation key issued during the OpenServer 5 installation (eg, widely used here before submitting a commercial upgrade order), one could retrieve it by using the following command:

grep IQM_ACTIVATION_KEY /usr/adm/ISL/iqm_file

Alternatively, try with the following:

grep IQM_ACTIVATION_KEY /opt/softmgmt/profiles/standard/SCO/Unix/*/iqm_file

where '*' is the actual OS5 version (eg, 5.0.5Eb)

Under SCO Unix 3.2v4.2:

grep IQM_ACTIVATION_KEY /install/iqm_file

Under SCO UnixWare 7:

grep ActKey /vad/adm/isl/ifile

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-> (SCO Unix) How do I find out serial numbers of my various components?

Thu Aug 24 07:20:16 2006: 2428   anonymous

The data extracted from 5.0.6+ is modified in some way and won't work to do a reinstall of 5.0.6 at the very least.


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