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I can't find crypt (Old SCO Unix)

Ancient OSes sometimes left things out:

Most (all?) of SCO's release notes state that due to American government restrictions aimed at trying to prevent unfriendly nations from having access to data encryption technology, SCO does not ship crypt with their products. If you live in the States and would like crypt(C) and the crypt(S) libraries, contact SCO support. This is also worth trying in Canada, as the particular regulation in question permits export of such technology to Canada; however, I don't know if SCO will honour such requests. There is also an international version of crypt available from the usual places as lng225b.

Recently, some of the cryptographic restrictions have changed- for the better, we hope, though plenty of stupidity still remains.

OSR5.0.7 does now include crypt.

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-> I can't find crypt (SCO Unix)

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