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People who follow me on Twitter have probably noticed that I have been posting at HubPages.

You might have wondered why. I answered that at HubPages itself with my Why I am using HubPages post, but I'll add a few notes here.

HubPages is an article site. You join, you create content (very easy to do, by the way) and that's about it.

I like that it has an article rating system. I like that I can dash of posts on subjects that don't really fit well here. I like the simple interface.

There's a possibility of earning money. Some prolific authors do pretty well there, probably much better than they would trying to run their own website and doing it there is certainly a lot easier.

Like any open article site, you'll find some crap there. But because of the rating system, it's also possible to find decent content on a variety of subjects.

If you like to write, I really suggest giving it a peek. Sign up here!

By the way, I have some other stuff scattered around the web:
Working for yourself
Pretty Much Retired

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Wed Aug 1 06:59:50 2012: 11221   shawney


How Can I Create HubPages?

Wed Aug 1 11:12:03 2012: 11224   TonyLawrence


You create an account and follow their directions..

I'm really surprised at how often I get this question. They've made it very simple, they have lots of on-line help, and yet some people still don't understand what to do.

Create your account. Then look for the menu option at top right that says "Start a New Hub". Click that and follow the directions..


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