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Dynamic BBx configuration

By Dirk Hart
Adanac Software
Email: dhart@mailstarusa.com
Web Site: MailStarUSA.com

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This BBx user was setup with a slave printer in a remote location. Since we have no way of knowing in advance what the tty number will be when she logs in we build a custom BBx config fle when she logs in.

The first thing we do is populate the custom config file and name it after the username she uses to login. Then we set up a terminal and slave printer aliases using the value of the unix tty command.

Then we start up BBx and the folks in Phoenix think I'm a whiz.

grep -v "alias T" /u/basis/pro5/config.bbx >config.$LOGNAME
echo "alias T301 " `tty` " term">>config.$LOGNAME
echo "alias P32 \">cat >`tty`\" \"Phoenix Slave Printer Portrait\"
echo "alias P33 \">cat >`tty`\" \"Phoenix Slave Printer Landscape\"

cd /u
exec basis/pro5/pro5 -q -m500 -c/usr/$LOGNAME/config.$LOGNAME STARTUP

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Fri Sep 30 16:57:00 2005: 1141   rbailin

You should probably not have any lock files on your printer aliases, because this would prohibit multiple user logins from using their own slave printer at the same time. (Each user's printer is always called P32 or P33 in your setup.) And there's no way a user can access another user's slave printer anyways.


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