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  • Andrew B. King
  • O'Reilly
  • 9780596515089

This is going to be the one I recommend for website owners.

The author covers everything you need to know about improving your website. He does so with real examples, well explained advice, and isn't afraid to dip into code while remaining very readable for the non-technical reader..

This is the perfect book for the hands-on website/blog owner who wants to improve their site. I'm amazed by how much real information is packed into 394 pages. This covers it all, from basic SEO right up to advanced techniques with Ajax. It doesn't ignore metrics or ppc advertising and even gets into server tuning.

You could hire me or someone else to sit and talk to you for a day or so about all this stuff, but it's all here in one book. Highly recommended.

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Tony Lawrence 2008-08-23 Rating: 4.5

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