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Web Client Programming with Perl

© January 1997 Tony Lawrence

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I actually had thought some time ago that I'd like to write a Web client program. Not a browser, and not just something to walk a tree and bring it back to me, but something more interesting, something that would go looking for things I want.

I never pursued it, because it was too much trouble. What I didn't know was that other people had the same thought, and that a general purpose Web Client library has been developed for Perl. That library is called LWP, and this book is (mostly) about using it to write web clients.

Clinton does cover doing it the hard way, using the standard Socket: libraries. He warns us that we're in for a lot of work if we choose that path,but he does cover a lot of the necessary minutiae. His real focus, however, is LWP.

This could be fun. I don't have a real project for it right now, and don't have the time to play with it just for the heck of it, but someday I'd like to. Till then, it was an interesting read, at least.

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