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Take Control of Security for Mac Users

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Take Control of Security for Mac Users

Most Mac users don't worry much about security. That's foolish. Take Control of Security for Mac Users explains why and details what you should do to avoid becoming a victim.

I don't agree with all of the advice in this book. Particularly I don't like the suggestion to use a password manager. It's interesting that the author points out how dangerous it is to use Keychain for passwords (because it unlocks on login) but doesn't notice that hacking a password manager again gives access to everything else! Aside from that, everything else is worth at least considering.

  • Take Control of Security for Mac Users
  • 159 pages
  • Version 1.0

  • Published May 13, 2015

  • 1.9 MB download

  • Author: Joe Kissel

  • ISBN: 9781615424498

  • Free sample with Table of Contents, Intro, Quick Start, and section starts.

Tony Lawrence 2015/05/14 Rating: 4.5

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