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The Practice of System and Network Administration (second edition)


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  • Thomas A. Limoncellie, Christina J. Hogan, Strata R. Chalup
  • Addison Weslry
  • 0321492668

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How to be a System Administrator in just a tad less than one thousand pages.

This is one of those 3+ pound books that covers everything you could ever imagine about System Administration. There's a lot here.. the writing is frankly a little dry, though the gray side bars are often lighter (you could probably skim through reading ONLY the sidebars and still get your money's worth - there are that many of them!).

Don't ignore Chapter 1. At first glance, it looks like this is just a guide to the rest of the book - where to go to find out more about specific things. It is partially that, but there's also tips and advice you won't find in other chapters.

The broad coverage is a bit unexpected: there's a chapter on Being Happy, chapters on hiring and firing - I'm surprised that there isn't a chapter on being fired, though I suppose if you religiously followed the advice here, maybe you needn't worry about that.

Tony Lawrence 2007-08-01 Rating: 4.5

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-> The Practice of System and Network Administration (second edition)

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