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Sed & Awk

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This is probably the third-most coffee stained, abused, dog-eared and generally old looking book I own. There was a time when I was constantly referring to this, constantly re-reading it. I don't know whether I should call this fortunate or unfortunate, but I don't think I've touched the darn thing at all since I began using Perl. Oh, maybe that isn't 100% true, but it certainly never would have acquired the disheveled appearance it now sports if I had started using Perl earlier.

Never mind; this isn't a review about Perl. Let me now say that if I had not read Sed & Awk, I would have missed a lot of neat stuff. Maybe it's true that I hardly ever have to do that Neat Stuff in That Way anymore, but there is still learning to be had here, and programs to be cribbed, and we all know how easy it is to translate awk into Perl, right?

Beside all that, the cover is great. I empathise greatly with the loris on the left. His (or her?) expression shows an emotion that I have often felt while contemplating the very type of project that sed, awk, and Perl are designed to solve.

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