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Unix Internals- A Practical Approach

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October 1998

This was an exciting find. You wouldn't know it from the title, or from the listing at Amazon, but this is actually and specifically SCO OSR5 internals!

I've only begun to read this, but I already know it is going to be one of my favorites. There's even a section on crash, and since the author (Steve Pate) is a Senior Kernel Engineer at SCO, the examples are useful and relevant for OSR5 systems.

You'll need some background to be as overjoyed as I am about this book. I would guess you'd need at least a read-only capability with C, and it wouldn't hurt to have a good understanding of x86 protected mode processors.

The back jacket says that Steve's main interests include file systems and memory management. I might hope that he has some other interests for the sake of his social life, but I'm sure happy to find a SCO specific book written by someone with such interests!

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