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Sad Macs, Bombs, and other Disasters (4th Edition)

© July 2003 Tony Lawrence
July 2003

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The back cover blurb for this says "Used by Apple's technical support staff". I could believe that, but I'll bet hard cash they aren't using it to support OS X.

Not that there is no OS X information here; there is some. But there isn't much, and what little there is was obviously written when it had just come out. There is a fair amount of Mac specific hardware info here that of course could be useful to OS X users. But the main focus of this is pre OS X software troubleshooting.

No doubt the next edition will be more valuable, or perhaps a separate OS X edition would be the way to handle this. I certainly cannot recommend this edition to OS X users.

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-> Sad Macs, Bombs, and other Disasters (4th Edition)

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