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Open Office is becoming more popular. There are lengthy on line docs, and a number of books available. This is one more to add to the pile, but it is a little different.

First, this isn't a 600 page desk thumper. The pre-release version I have here is under 200 pages. That's a bit less intimidating than a mini-encyclopedia.

Two CD's will be included - one with OpenOffice for Windows and Linux (hey, where's the Mac version!) and another which is videos of Robin demonstrating specific tasks.

This does cover the 2.0 release. There are actually several authors here presenting specific aspects of OpenOffice. For some reason, there are also chapters about Firefox and Thunderbird.

One thing I particularly appreciated is that there is total honesty about compatibility issues. The book itself was written with OpenOffice, but Prentice Hall did editing with Microsoft Office, so the book itself served as a test bed for that. Problems are noted, and work arounds are suggested.

Unfortunately, the two CD's do make this more expensive than you might like. I don't know if they will be offering a less expensive edition where you'd just download what you wanted; I really think that makes more sense today.

This is a pre-publication review; the release is scheduled for December 6th.

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