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Red Hat Certified Engineer Linux Study Guide

While slightly out of date (published in 2001), there is still a lot of valuable information here. However, overall the book is choppy: subjects are often referenced but not explained until much later, and sometimes they are not explained at all.

For a certification book, that's not a completely unforgivable sin. After all, part of what you get out of such books is the opportunity to assess your knowledge. So, if you find parts of the book puzzling, that is a good clue that you'd need to brush up on those areas before attempting the exam.

The test questions for each chapter are very good, and the included CD has different test questions with hypertext links to more information (on the CD and on the Web). As is unfortunately all too typical, the CD requires Windows to run.

  • Dave Egan (Series Editor) et al.
  • Osborne
  • 0072121556

Tony Lawrence 2001/10/04 Rating: 3,0

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