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Under the Radar-Robert Young

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I was so disappointed with this.

Amazon gives it 4 stars. Linux magazine called it "incredible".

I call it almost impossible to read.

I was almost going to say that reading this is like reading an Annual Report, but that's not quite it. It isn't that "Under the Radar" is dull; in fact it isn't. It's just horribly written, and is excruciatingly painful reading. I honestly could not read the whole thing; I had to skim it, and that's despite having a very high interest level in its subject: Red Hat's development from ground zero to IPO.

If you are interested in Linux, you are probably going to have to buy this and struggle through it. I wish you luck.

One rather notable omission from this book, by the way, was anything about SCO. Given that SCO is and has been the predominant PC Unix and also that Red Hat fans have complained bitterly about some of SCO's past remarks about Linux, that's rather astonishing. Sun gets mentioned, so does Novell, but SCO, as usual, doesn't exist.

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