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Perl for System Administrators

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The subtitle of this is "Managing Multiplatform Environments with Perl". It is useful even if you happen to be among the fortunate few who don't have to deal with anything but Unix platforms. However, there's really nothing here for an experienced administrator who already knows Perl, except perhaps the opportunity to see how tasks might get done on other platforms (which is, of course, interesting).

A neophyte administrator (or someone with experience in Unix but not NT or vice-versa) might get some ideas from this. It also has coverage of MacOS, which is unusual enough in Unix books to make this very worthwhile for someone in need of such information.

I also liked the appendices which included "The Five Minute RCS Tutorial", "The Ten Minute LDAP Tutorial", "The Eight Minute XML Tutorial", "The Fifteen Minute SQL Tutorial" and "The Twenty Minute SNMP Tutorial".

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